Om Slice Kids Yoga


The mission of Om Slice is to empower children through yoga.

We use a play based approach that provides accessible tools for relaxation, balance, flexibility and strength to yogis of all ages and abilities.



kids yoga

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Cassi taught a fun, creative, and dynamic kids’ yoga session for my daughter’s 7th birthday, and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. She blended traditional yoga techniques with upbeat pop music the kids could relate to, taught special birthday yoga games, and after all that still managed to get 12 kids to get quiet and still enough for relaxation at the end. My daughter and her friends had a blast, and yoga with Cassi was a very special way to celebrate her big day.
— Kerry Maiorca, Chair of the Board of Directors for Yoga Alliance
When you have 40 preschoolers asking ‘is it yoga day?!’ The excitement proves that the yoga is reaching them. Om Slice has a gift for teaching yoga to kids and training them to develop a lifelong skill.
— Ruthie Hornaday, Day School Director Fourth Prebyterian Church
The Om Slice Kids Yoga Teacher Training was perfectly experiential and instructional, packed full of useful applicable activities and strategies for engaging kids in yoga. Now I am able to offer yoga to the kids at work. They are getting the challenging, nurturing yoga experience that they deserve.
— Hannah Wilcox, Mental Health Clinician
Om Slice Kids Yoga Teacher Training provided a comprehensive base of knowledge that empowered us to teach kids yoga through play, dance, song and sharing. Cassi’s ever-apparent love of both kids and yoga elevated the class beyond techniques and ideas to where she incorporated her passion into a training that balanced hands-on practice and discussion/lecture.
— Kerry Donahue Day, Pediatric Physical Therapist